Our range of watch straps for your Rolex

Check out the great combinations with the most iconic Rolex watches: Submariner, Datejust, GMT Master... 

Seaqual watchstraps for Rolex

Rolex has a long tradition of making products for the maritime world: diving, voyages, and sponsorship of prestigious regattas... What could be more natural than combining a Submariner or a Yachtmaster with a bracelet made of Seaqual canvas ? This canvas is produced from plastic waste recovered from the ocean.

Cordura straps for Rolex

The vast selection of colours in the cordura Tampa range gives full rein to your fantasies. Whether you want to add a touch of summer to your Datejust, have a perfect match with the hands patina of your Sub or simply give your vintage beloved bubble back a younger feel !

Leather bracelets for Rolex

Want to add a more sober look to your Datejust ? The ostrich bracelet Pointe Claire is ideal. Discover our range of French-made leather bracelets for your Rolex. You might even have the idea of dressing your diver watch in a Douarnenez!

Sail cloth watchstraps for Rolex

We often associate Rolex with technical excellence, reflected in the materials used, the performance at depth in diving and innovations in movements throughout the long history of the brand... Why then not combine your Rolex with a strap in carbon sailcloth for example ? A very meticulous montage of cloth and leather, materials used in regatta boats, a technical item to go with a watch of great technical quality.

Our selection of straps for your ROLEX

Combos Rolex and our straps, our clients say...

Navy Tampa for 16750

I just received my Tampa, thanks for the quick delivery. Congratulations on the quality of your products, I am impatient to fit it on my GMT Master ! Patrick

Pointe-Claire on a 1603

I used to be a jubilee bracelet fan for my Datejust ! But I am now very happy with the new combo I created with the Avel ostrich bracelet. Thanks to the Avel team for this great advice. Claude

Hyères with a 1680

I'm impressed by the quality of your sailcloth watch strap. The mix of leather and carbon cloth works really well. The sail cloth perfectly matches with the insert patina. Peter

Larmor Plage and 14060

Awesome your new Larmor Plage strap, it is very comfortable for daily wear ! I love the casual look that fits with the 14060 spirit. Aziz